leslie_v2     Please show your support for Leslie by donating today! If we’re going to elect Leslie, we’ll need dollars, volunteer hours, and votes from people like you.The fastest way to put your gift to use is by giving online right now!

If you would prefer to mail your contribution by check, please make it payable to “Friends of Leslie Peterson.” To comply with campaign finance reporting, all donations require full name and address of the donor. Additionally, donations over $100 require employer name and occupation. If you are sure you don’t just want to donate online, please mail your check and accompanying campaign finance note to:

Friends of Leslie Peterson, 2450 Upham Street, Madison WI 53704

     It’s the generous gifts of neighbors, friends, progressives, and other supporters that are making this campaign possible! Your donation will make sure that we can print literature, yard signs, and buttons to spread the word about Leslie for Alder. We’re also taking out ads in local publications and paying for the services of artists, data support, and our top-notch campaign manger, Erika Wolf.

Leslie with her sign at the first capitol square rally of the Wisconsin Uprising.

Leslie with her sign at the first capitol square rally of the Wisconsin Uprising.

You don’t need to be a voter in the district or even a resident of Madison to donate. If you have been touched by Leslie’s work as a journalist, business owner, activist, educator, booster club member, interpreter, or  union member, then you have at least one reason to donate today!

If you can’t give today but want to be sure to give a gift to support Leslie, please make a commitment to giving to “Friends of Leslie Peterson” by emailing our campaign at, subject line: “Pledge to Donate.” Every dollar counts and every donor matters.

Thank you so much to every one of our donors! And to those of you still considering it — we look forward to receiving your generous gift of support soon!


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